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Temperate Orchard Conservancy
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Want to Volunteer?

You can volunteer to help us.... collecting scions, grafting or planting, putting up fencing and installing irrigation, the tasks are endless. If you have particular knowledge that you believe could assist us in better establishing the TOC orchard, we would love to hear about it. You may not be able to do the physical work, please consider helping us out monetarily so that we can buy the necessary supplies.

Looking for Scion Wood?

Thank you for asking about scions! If you are looking for specific varieties to add to your orchard, looking through our TOC apple list, (TOC Apple List 12-2018), might bear "fruitful" results.  Once you have found the varieties you would like, download the Scion Order Form, fill in the details as directed, and mail to TOC's address on the form. Orders will be accepted through January 25th 2019. This is earlier than during a normal season. 2019 is not a normal year for TOC. We are prepping all trees in the nursery for transplanting (pruning, tagging and flagging) and they must be dug up soon. Doing all this for 3,500 trees is no small feat. Requests will be filled in the order they are received. Shipment will begin following the closing date. We will soon be taking orders for grafted trees. When that time comes, we will have another form available here for those orders. Fruit is not yet available.